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What is PL/Radio?
PL/Radio is web service which suppors your activity to discover your fovarite music by playing playlists.

Currently, Number of all playlists on PL/Radio is 9,940.
And the number of playlists which are created automatically based on the live events all around the world is 9,912.
The number of playlits which are recommended by user is 28.

Let's start by choosing the conditions of playlist you want to listen and click 'Listen Now' button on left side menu!!
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More Details of PL/Radio


  1. Concept
  2. How to use
  3. Disclaimer
  1. PL/Radio is running by an indivisual by avocation.

    Playlist is good content which can mean the network of music. Playlists on PL/Radio has two types of relations on their tracks: One is the live events. And another is the favorites of users. I belive that PL/Radio makes you easier to discover new music tracks and artists you like.

  2. For Guests (Not Login Users)

    1. Guests are able to listen the playlists.
    Choose the condition of playlists and click 'Listen No!!'

    2. Guests are able to sign up PL/Radio by using Facebook or Twitter account.
    Please click 'Sign Up/Login with Facebook' or 'Sign Up/Login with Twitter'
    You are able to complete a registration by only approving the access and set the user name.
    #PL/Radio use Facebook and Twitter account only for authority.
    #PL/Radio will not post any messages to Facebook and Twitter.

    For Login Users

    1. Users are able to save the BookMarks.
    Click the gray star on the right of name of Artist, User and Playlist.
    When you set that Artist, User or Playlist, star color turns blue.
    If you delete the BookMark, click the blue star.

    2. Users are able to play the playlsts only including your BookMarks.
    Choose 'On' of the BookMark Mode.

    3. Users are able to create PlayLists.
    Move to MyPage.
    Click 'Add New Playlist' in My Playlist area.
    Please refer 'How to create PlayList' on that page for details.

    4. Users are able to refer and maintain their BookMarks on their MyPage.
    Move to MyPage.
    Refer and Maintain the BookMarks in My BookMark area.
    How to manage is the same above '2'.

    5. Users are able to set the introduction and their Twitter account for publicity.
    Move to MyPage.
    Click the 'Save' button in MyProfile area, after completing inputs.

  3. 1. Currently, PL/Radio is still Beta version.
    2. I have tested the functions on IE7, 8 and 9, FireFox and Webkit.
    3. This is the website operated by an indivisual by avocation.
    4. Don't disrespect the others on PL/Radio.
    5. Please forgive me, if you find the wrong title and artist name on PL/Radio. It is dependent to Youtube.
    6. Please inform me via Twitter, if you want to give the feedback of PL/Radio.

    Copyright © 2012 PL/Radio All Rights Reserved.